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Tourist Attractions

There are a couple of must sees in Brussels. Brussels offers a variety of things to do, and is known for its’ restaurants, museums, architecture.

Grand Place

Grand Place is one of main attractions in Brussels. Walk around the streets surrounding the most famous square of Brussels. Admire the old buildings and the unique architecture. Make a day tour or a night tour. The night tour shows the area pretty much without neon signs and give the illusion that you've been transported back in time by centuries. Dominating the square is the magnificent 15 Century Gothic Town Hall surrounded by elegant gabled merchant houses.

Manneken Pis

Close to Grand Place you will find the famous Manneken Pis. Enjoy the wonderful stories surrounding this young man and his life in Brussels.

Avenue Louise, Toison d’Or and Chaussee de Waterloo

Filled with restaurants, designer boutiques and shops, anyone will find something to his or her taste here.

Other attractions

If you're in a modern history frame of mind, take a tour of the European Government sites like Common Market and United Europe. And if you have the time to head out of town a bit, go and see the Atomium. The huge 9 ball construction represents the unity between the provinces of Belgium. There are plenty of other cities closeby that merely take an hour to reach like Brugge and Antwerp.

1060 BRUSSELS (centre)

TEL +32 2 541 48 98
FAX +32 2 791 57 02

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