The Most Colorful Markets In Brussels

Sunday’s are perfect for a refreshing walk in the morning… With spring knocking at the door (or almost) I would like to share with you some of Brussels colorful markets. I hope you will enjoy visiting these unique places while staying at our hotel near Avenue Louise.

Grand-Place Market of flowers

Early on summer mornings, every day from 8 am till 6 pm, Brussels’ Grand-Place is turned into a giant flower market. All sorts of plants and exotic flowers create a unique picture that will allow for a great photo to share with your smart-phone on your FaceBook or Twitter page (don’t forget to tag @PantoneHotel). The Grote Markt, as the Grand Place is called in Flemish, with so many beautiful colors will certainly surprise you, and make your day!


Boulevard du Midi 


The market at Brussels-Midi station is one of Brussels’ mainmulticultural markets. Every Sunday, between 8 am and 1 pm, you’ll have the chance to find food, clothes and plants from all over the world. At only a few minutes away from our hotel you can buy Greek, Turkish and Italian products, and lot more of course.

All nationalities are represented at the Midi Market. Baskets full of fresh olives, dried fish, Greek pastries and all kinds of herbs and spices make this large and lively market one of the most colorful places for food-shopping in Brussels.

You should definitely take the time and spend some hours there!

Brussels Vintage Market


Retro is in style again! This very special market was launched in October 2010, and takes place in Halles ST Géry from 7 to 7 pm every first Sunday of the month.

What will you find there? All the typical Vintage objects brought here from some of the best sellers in town. Just imagine vintage paradise with second hand shoes, clothes and bags but also jewelry, coats, accessories, belts, hats, knitwear, boots, uniforms, necklaces, berets, wigs, ties and buttons…

They even sell old music records and some delicious (fresh) cupcakes in case you get hungry for a snack.


The BVM is also a nice and original place to get drinks or brunch with your friends after a fantastic and crazy morning of Vintage shopping. If you are a vintage lover you don’t want to miss this incredible market!

Check the official Facebook page for the upcoming market dates…

You will not be in Brussels those dates? Don’t worry, you can find the best Vintage shops in Brussels by clicking here.

Comic book market


Brussels is considered to be the European capital of comics. Every first Sunday of the month, on the Place Saint-Géry in the summer and in the Halles Saint-Géry in the winter comic fans flood out to get their hands on missing items in their collection. You will be able to find good deals on new and second-hand comic strips, and some people even simply exchange comic-books without. And then there is always the opportunity to meet artists and participate in contests …

Definitely a must go for Comics lovers!

More info:

Enjoy the most colorful markets of Brussels!

Modern Art In Brussels

You like modern art? What better place to visit and find interesting and refined art than in the heart of Europe: Brussels! Let us guide you to the perfect spots to feed your lust. The city has several museums showing various pieces of Modern Belgian Art from the modernist period. So don’t miss this opportunity, and visit one of these museums during your stay at our Boutique Hotel in Brussels.

The best way to discover Belgian modern art, which is considered to be present between the 1880´s until the 1960´s and regroups various movements, is with the modern art department of the Fine-Art Museums of Brussels. It is comprised of three amazing museums in Brussels: the Modern Art Museum, the Antoine Wiertz museum and the Constantin Meunier museums. The last two museums are entirely dedicated to these two major Belgian modernists.

Fine Arts Museum

First we will take you to 3, Rue de la Régence in Brussels. You will be impressed by the beautiful building in the Royal Museum of Fin Arts is housed. It was built as the Palais des Beaux-Arts, designed by Belgian architect Alphonse Balat. Completed in 1887 it stands as in central Brussels an clear reminder of the Beaux-Arts architecture use of themed statuary to assert the identity and meaning of the building.


The museum offers a great collection of works from the 19th century on display, a real treat for fans of the modernist era. It features over twenty thousand paintings, sculptures and drawings, so enough to enjoy. Moreover the entrance is only 8 €.


Opened on: Tuesday to Sunday (10h to17h)

Phone number: +32 (0)2 508 32

Website :

Wiertz Museum

Next stop, 62 rue Vautier, where the work of Antoine Wiertz is awaiting us. The controversial painter lived in what is now a museum dedicated to his oeuvre. Keep your wallet in your pocket, the entrance is free here!


While entering the Wiertz´s Atelier-Museum, you have to remember his nickname was the “painting philosopher”, in order to not be overwhelmed by what awaits you.

You will most likely be surprised by his particular crude and dramatic style. After the first shock, you will probably be able to imagine the philosophic goal of each of his paintings and enjoy this impressive exposition.


Opened on: Tuesday to Friday and week ends on reservation (10h to 12h ; 13h to 17h)

Phone number: +32 (0)2 648 17 18

Meunier Museum

Last stop is at 59 rue de l’Abbaye, in the Ixelles neighborhood. At what once was the home and atelier of the great Belgian artist, Constantin Meunier, you will now be exposed to sobriety.

You might have guessed, Meunier was a realist. He aimed at depicting in his art what he saw living in the Belgium of his time. You will surely enjoy this flashback to this era, being faced with the society and its challenges of the 19th century. Meuniers art is a true delight.

The entrance is free but you need to make a reservation if you prefer a guided visit.


Opened on: Tuesday to Friday and week ends on reservation (10h to 12h ; 13h to 17h)

Phone numbers: +32 (0)2 508 33 50 / + 32 (0)2 648 44 49


Enjoy your visits through the Modernist period of Belgium !