Feel Like Having A Glass Of Wine

With the temperatures slowly rising and spring on the horizon, there is nothing more relaxing than a glass of wine after a busy day in Brussels. The city offers a wide range of wine bars. From very classy establishments to rustic and homely feeling bars, we have put together a selection of our favourite wine bars you should visit while staying ourBoutique Hotel in Brussels.

Piola Libri

66-68 rue Franklin, Brussels


Piola Libri is an authentic Italian wine bar located at rue Franklin 68. The owners, Italians, will offer you the top quality wines from their homeland… and yes, you can trust them… Moreover they serve delicious Italian snacks to savour while sipping your delightful glass of wine. The atmosphere is very relaxed, perfect if you are looking for a place to blow off some steam after a hectic day.

Chez Quentin

7 rue du Page, Ixelles, Brussels

In the heart of the popular and trendy Chatelain area, steps away from Avenue Louise, you will find Chez Quentin. It is also called Junkfood Deluxe by Quentin, as it serves culinary style hamburgers. It’s unique combination, combining a good glass of wine with a mouth watering burger. Additionally, every Thursday, the owner organizes an aperitif Champagne Disco combining appetizers and four different types of champagnes.

Oeno TK

29-31 rue Africaine, Brussels


Located behind the beautiful Trinity Church, at a cork’s distance from Place du Chatelain, Oeno TK is a microcosm dedicated to the world of wine. This bar is good for every budget. The welcoming atmosphere will delight you and their choice of wines and champagnes is very wide and of high quality.

The decoration is modern and original, creating a nice ambiance to enjoy a glass of godly fruit juice. And when the sun is out you can work on your tan on their lovely terrace.

Le petit canon

91 Rue Lesbroussart, Ixelles, Brussels


Le Petit Canon is a small and cozy bar near Place Flagey in Ixelles. At night it becomes a hot spot for young and hip people who like to enjoy delicious wines and snacks at reasonable prices. This is a bar for all budgets. Here you’ll find mostly locals. This will give you an enjoyable authentic experience of Brussels!


18 Place G. Brugmann, Brussels


Looking for a place offering quality French wine? Winery is a great option for you! Located near the church of Place Brugmann, Winery reveals a friendly atmosphere that makes you willing to spend some time enjoying a glass of wine. This can be accompanied by a plate of cured meats, soup or one of the nice surprises of the day which will make your wine experience even more enjoyable!

Le Delecta

2 rue Lannoy, Ixelles, Brussels


Le Delecta is a nice and simple wine bar characterized by a very enjoyable authentic atmosphere! Their choice of wines and snacks is good. Moreover, it is very well known by locals for its unpredictable and fun nights! Le Delecta definitely worth a stop!

La Piola

2 rue du Page, Ixelles, Brussels

La Piola is the king of Spritz in Brussels (Typical Italian Aperol and Prosecco Spumante). Every day until 8 pm, Antipasti are available to eat while enjoying a great glass of wine or Spritz. You are in for a nice glass of wine in the traditional Italian way or you are looking for a place to spend a great diner? La Piola located about 15 minutes from our Hotel is definitively your choice!

Pepete & Ronron

53 Leon Lepage, Brussels


Pepete & Ronron = Wine & Tapas. This trendy and well located wine bar has its strength in the atmosphere: a really particular combination of Belgian and Latin cultural traditions. This is a perfect place to take a break and enjoy a tapa with a nice glass of wine, while visiting the centre Brussels!

We hope you enjoyed our tips! We wish you great glasses of wine in Brussels!

The most Colourful Souvenirs from Brussels

Looking for an original souvenir to take home from your next trip to Brussels? At the Pantone Hotel in Brussels we have the best selection of the colorific world of Pantone. At our concierge you can choose from a wide selection of gifts in our trademark colors, ranging from mugs and cups to IPhone and IPad covers, pure Pantone style…

Pantone Tableware, a colorific way to enjoy your breaks!

Mugs, cups, plates, and even teapots are available to colour up your breaks and to bring the Pantone Universe in the heart of your day! At our Hotel you will be able to pick up some amazing Pantone espresso cups with saucer for only 10€ per unit! But that’s not all…Pantone espresso cups gift sets are also available: the 2 cup gift set for only 27€ and the 4 cups gift set for 58€!


What about your tea break or your daily milk break? Wouldn’t it be better with a Pantone Mug: 15€ per unit, only! You want to make your collection complete? You can buy a Teapot for 56€ or plates for only 12€ per unit!


Pantone Notebooks, the best way to drag Pantone with you everywhere!

Eager to color up your notes? Willing to drag the Pantone Universe everywhere you go? Need some colorific inspiration while writing down your ideas and notes? Go for the Pantone Notebooks!


The small Pantone Notebook for great ideas on an easily and colorific transportable notebook is available for 14€ per unit. Its big version, for great minds needing more space, is available for only 19€.

Enhance your Apple products!

Are you eager to colour up your Apple products? Are you an appleholic? You are looking for a modern and cool way to bring the Pantone Universe to your personal or professional Apple tools? Ask at our reception of the Pantone covers. iPhone 5 covers are available for 35€, giving a classy and modern look to your favourite phone!


You want to spicy your IPad? Color it up with the amazing Pantone Ipad cases! Various colours are available at the Pantone Hotel. You will easily find your favourite colour. Amazing and colorific Ipad standing book cases are available for 70€. Cool Ipad mini covers for 50€.


Bring the colours to the heart of your home…

Let the Pantone Universe products literally bring the light into your home!


A wide range of candles is available with various colours! Small Candles are available for 16.50€ per unit, Medium Candles for 30€ per unit and amazing big candles are available for 119€. Chose your colour and bring a smooth candle light back home …

Colorific Cufflinks

Need to be classy and trendy at the same time? Try out the Pantone cufflinks! Chose from a selection of colours the one that will fit your shirt or skirt and make be the one who stands out!


Cufflinks are available at 45€. Their reversible version is available for 49€. The only thing you need to think about now is which one will fit you the most and give you that extra touch needed to avoid being average.

Pantone products, a step closer to living colours!

Pantone Hotel also has various other articles that will bring colours to your daily life… Have a look at the Pantone folding chairs available for 59€ per unit! Imagine inviting you friends for a small party and have them sitting on a “Pantone chair”? At the same time you may show them a cool way of living colours through wearing the Pantone shirt with your favourite colour for 39€ per shirt.


You need a present for a friend? Your little niece or your grown up artist friend may enjoy the Pantone colour pencils for 15€!

At this point you’ll need a place to arrange some of these colorific Pantone products… through the Pantone metal box available for only 21€ in various colours!

So next time you are going to Brussels and want to bring back home some original and colourful souvenirs, you must come stay at the Pantone Hotel!

European Seafood Exposition 2013 Brussels

The annual European Seafood Exposition is back again! It is a must go to event for professionals from the sea food industry! If you are looking for quality and reliable suppliers for any kind of seafood, this is a great opportunity with more than 25.000 attendees and exhibitors. This year’s fair is scheduled from the 23rd to the 25th of April, 2013. And while in town why not stay at our boutique Hotel in Brussels!

The Global Sea Food industry in one area

Many countries, regions and companies from across the world will be present at this year’s fair! Exhibitors include associations like Food Export Northeast USA exporting lobsters and various North American fishes to Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers trading the famous Panga fish whose sales kept increasing last years, shrimps and many other products.


You will find anything you could need related to the seafood industry you need, whether you are looking for new suppliers or machinery. The will also be forums and seminars on innovative business processes and sustainability.

When and Where

The 2013 edition of the European Seafood Exposition will take place at the Brussels Exhibition and Conference centre which is located in the North of Brussels.

  • Tuesday April 23 – 10h00 to 18h00
  • Wednesday April 24 – 10h00 to 18h00
  • Thursday April 25 – 10h00 to 16h00


Full direction:

Brussels Exhibition & Conference Centre
Place de Belgique 1, Brussels, 1020, Belgium

For more information visit:

If you are in the seafood business, there is no way you can miss out on this amazing event

And while in Brussels you should check out our boutique hotel located in the culinary heart of Brussels. The Pantone Hotel, near the avenue Louise in the Saint-Gilles neighbourhood, is surrounded by some of the best restaurants and bars will Brussels has to offer. You will be able to enjoy a nice break after your day at the trade fair.