Brussels Green City-Enjoy The Parks Of Brussels

Brussels is well known for being a green city. Literally green, as the city is filled with beautiful parks and on every border of the city you’ll find huge parks and even woods. So when that sun comes out, Brussels is the city to enjoy nature. Therefore, let us guide you through the best parks that are worth a “pit stop” during your stay at our Hotel in Brussels!

Bois de la Cambre


Bois de La Cambre is located at the end of Avenue Louise. If you and your family are in search of a total immersion in Nature during your stay in Brussels, this is the spot to check out. The Bois de la Cambre park is a great solution for your kids as it also has a large playground.

This gigantic park is in fact a preserved part of the Sonian forest right at the end of Avenue Louise. The park was created in 1861 and Queens and Kings regularly visited this park. Nowadays, the main road running through the park is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, during spring and summer time

Hallepoort park


Another spot within walking distance from the hotel is the great Porte de Halle. After visiting this historic monument we assure you that a break in this well kept and big park in the middle of Brussels will be very enjoyable! Locals often spend some time there eating, playing and enjoying their spare time during week-ends.

Parc du Roi and Ixelles pond


In the neighbouring hood of Ixelles you will be able to enjoy the Parc du Roi and the Ixelles pond. Located on the roundabout of Avenue Louise it is easy to find. The Ixelles Ponds are imposing in size, at 700 per 50 metres and were originally an extension of the gardens of the Abbey de La Cambre. The sight of this pond in the heart of Ixelles is great and refreshing!

Egmont park


The Egmont park is certainly one of the most beautiful parks of Brussels. Enter it through Rue du Grand Cerf and enjoy a magnificent view on the palace of Egmont surrounded by a lush green… The calm, the beauty of its Castle, and the nice pieces of art installed here will provide you with an unforgettable picture.

Petit Sablon


After your walk through the beautiful Egmont park, you can easily drop by the little park of Petit Sablon. It is just few meters away. You will find this nice park on the left of the Egmont castle. It has a beautiful fountain; an amazing fence decorated with statues!

Garden of the Mont des Arts


The Garden of the Mont des Arts is located on a small hill and is a few meters away from the great Place Royale. You will enjoy a nice view in this well located and nice park. By night it gets even better: the park is illuminated and becomes a place of colours, art and light! Enjoy your panoramic day visit and your colorific night visit to this park!

Parc de Bruxelles / Warandepark


Probably the park with the best combination of nature, location, culture and historical importance: the Parc de Bruxelles! This amazing park is located right in front of the Palace of the King in the heart of Brussels and was designed with talent as you will see by yourself during your visit! Created during the 18th century this park hosts art, thanks to the Vauxhall building, culture, thanks to the beautiful Theatre, beauty, thanks to its nature, its fountains and its ponds, an ideal location, as it is in the heart of Brussels and a historical value, as it lived and was marked by the historical events of past centuries such as the consequences of the French Revolution and the Belgian war of independence. This park is a must see for anyone visiting Brussels!

Enjoy the parks of Brussels during springtime!

Brussels Later Afternoon Food And Drinks

When the locals finish day to day business, you’ll regularly find them on the streets of Brussels to enjoy the late spring afternoons. Brussels offers numerous great spots to have a drink on weekdays, some of them within walking distance from our Boutique hotel in Brussels.

1) Place du Chatelain


The Place du Châtelain is surrounded by bistros, cafés and shops. Ideal when you need a short break. During your day or if you would like to enjoy a local but not too informal atmosphere.

The place du Châtelain is located in Ixelles. It’s particularly worth a visit on every Wednesday when the food market settles there from 14h to 19h. You will undoubtedly enjoy the traditional food and wine stands the market has to offer. Once the market closes down, the bars in the surrounding area stay open, and especially on sunny evenings, big crowds gather on the square.

Place du Chatelain is about 15mins by foot from our hotel and is the hottest place in town on Wednesdays!

2) Boeremet


The Boeremet, which means farmer’s market in Flemish, takes place in the Abattoirs d’Anderlecht on every Thursday from 15h to up to 22h. This great market hosts a high variety of stands from flowers and vegetables, to small restaurant stands offering fresh food, wines and beers. If you are looking for an authentic place to enjoy in Brussels on your Thursday, the Boeremet is a must for you. Located next to the metro station Delacroix, here you will find an authentic market, that provides quality and fun for a reasonable price in this iconic and beautiful place on Thursdays.


3) Place Van Meenen


Place van Meenen located in Saint-Gilles hosts a local market on Monday from 12h to 19h. Here you’ll have the chance to buy food, clothes, and flowers as well as enjoying a great glass of wine and a nice accompanying snack at one of the stands. It is even possible to enjoy a cup of coffee at some of the stands of the market! Take note that the wine stands will be very busy after working hours as many locals like to enjoy a glass at the market after their day of work! On any other day you will enjoy great drinks and meals in the surrounding cafés and restaurants while enjoying the sight of the beautiful city hall of Saint-Gilles. It is about 15mins by foot from our Hotel and is a great way to take a break during your visit of Saint-Gilles on Mondays.


Enjoy a drink in the open air in Brussels!