When the locals finish day to day business, you’ll regularly find them on the streets of Brussels to enjoy the late spring afternoons. Brussels offers numerous great spots to have a drink on weekdays, some of them within walking distance from our Boutique hotel in Brussels.

1) Place du Chatelain


The Place du Châtelain is surrounded by bistros, cafés and shops. Ideal when you need a short break. During your day or if you would like to enjoy a local but not too informal atmosphere.

The place du Châtelain is located in Ixelles. It’s particularly worth a visit on every Wednesday when the food market settles there from 14h to 19h. You will undoubtedly enjoy the traditional food and wine stands the market has to offer. Once the market closes down, the bars in the surrounding area stay open, and especially on sunny evenings, big crowds gather on the square.

Place du Chatelain is about 15mins by foot from our hotel and is the hottest place in town on Wednesdays!

2) Boeremet


The Boeremet, which means farmer’s market in Flemish, takes place in the Abattoirs d’Anderlecht on every Thursday from 15h to up to 22h. This great market hosts a high variety of stands from flowers and vegetables, to small restaurant stands offering fresh food, wines and beers. If you are looking for an authentic place to enjoy in Brussels on your Thursday, the Boeremet is a must for you. Located next to the metro station Delacroix, here you will find an authentic market, that provides quality and fun for a reasonable price in this iconic and beautiful place on Thursdays.


3) Place Van Meenen


Place van Meenen located in Saint-Gilles hosts a local market on Monday from 12h to 19h. Here you’ll have the chance to buy food, clothes, and flowers as well as enjoying a great glass of wine and a nice accompanying snack at one of the stands. It is even possible to enjoy a cup of coffee at some of the stands of the market! Take note that the wine stands will be very busy after working hours as many locals like to enjoy a glass at the market after their day of work! On any other day you will enjoy great drinks and meals in the surrounding cafés and restaurants while enjoying the sight of the beautiful city hall of Saint-Gilles. It is about 15mins by foot from our Hotel and is a great way to take a break during your visit of Saint-Gilles on Mondays.


Enjoy a drink in the open air in Brussels!