Brussels Green City-Enjoy The Parks Of Brussels

Brussels is well known for being a green city. Literally green, as the city is filled with beautiful parks and on every border of the city you’ll find huge parks and even woods. So when that sun comes out, Brussels is the city to enjoy nature. Therefore, let us guide you through the best parks that are worth a “pit stop” during your stay at our Hotel in Brussels!

Bois de la Cambre


Bois de La Cambre is located at the end of Avenue Louise. If you and your family are in search of a total immersion in Nature during your stay in Brussels, this is the spot to check out. The Bois de la Cambre park is a great solution for your kids as it also has a large playground.

This gigantic park is in fact a preserved part of the Sonian forest right at the end of Avenue Louise. The park was created in 1861 and Queens and Kings regularly visited this park. Nowadays, the main road running through the park is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, during spring and summer time

Hallepoort park


Another spot within walking distance from the hotel is the great Porte de Halle. After visiting this historic monument we assure you that a break in this well kept and big park in the middle of Brussels will be very enjoyable! Locals often spend some time there eating, playing and enjoying their spare time during week-ends.

Parc du Roi and Ixelles pond


In the neighbouring hood of Ixelles you will be able to enjoy the Parc du Roi and the Ixelles pond. Located on the roundabout of Avenue Louise it is easy to find. The Ixelles Ponds are imposing in size, at 700 per 50 metres and were originally an extension of the gardens of the Abbey de La Cambre. The sight of this pond in the heart of Ixelles is great and refreshing!

Egmont park


The Egmont park is certainly one of the most beautiful parks of Brussels. Enter it through Rue du Grand Cerf and enjoy a magnificent view on the palace of Egmont surrounded by a lush green… The calm, the beauty of its Castle, and the nice pieces of art installed here will provide you with an unforgettable picture.

Petit Sablon


After your walk through the beautiful Egmont park, you can easily drop by the little park of Petit Sablon. It is just few meters away. You will find this nice park on the left of the Egmont castle. It has a beautiful fountain; an amazing fence decorated with statues!

Garden of the Mont des Arts


The Garden of the Mont des Arts is located on a small hill and is a few meters away from the great Place Royale. You will enjoy a nice view in this well located and nice park. By night it gets even better: the park is illuminated and becomes a place of colours, art and light! Enjoy your panoramic day visit and your colorific night visit to this park!

Parc de Bruxelles / Warandepark


Probably the park with the best combination of nature, location, culture and historical importance: the Parc de Bruxelles! This amazing park is located right in front of the Palace of the King in the heart of Brussels and was designed with talent as you will see by yourself during your visit! Created during the 18th century this park hosts art, thanks to the Vauxhall building, culture, thanks to the beautiful Theatre, beauty, thanks to its nature, its fountains and its ponds, an ideal location, as it is in the heart of Brussels and a historical value, as it lived and was marked by the historical events of past centuries such as the consequences of the French Revolution and the Belgian war of independence. This park is a must see for anyone visiting Brussels!

Enjoy the parks of Brussels during springtime!

The Most Colorful Markets In Brussels

Sunday’s are perfect for a refreshing walk in the morning… With spring knocking at the door (or almost) I would like to share with you some of Brussels colorful markets. I hope you will enjoy visiting these unique places while staying at our hotel near Avenue Louise.

Grand-Place Market of flowers

Early on summer mornings, every day from 8 am till 6 pm, Brussels’ Grand-Place is turned into a giant flower market. All sorts of plants and exotic flowers create a unique picture that will allow for a great photo to share with your smart-phone on your FaceBook or Twitter page (don’t forget to tag @PantoneHotel). The Grote Markt, as the Grand Place is called in Flemish, with so many beautiful colors will certainly surprise you, and make your day!


Boulevard du Midi 


The market at Brussels-Midi station is one of Brussels’ mainmulticultural markets. Every Sunday, between 8 am and 1 pm, you’ll have the chance to find food, clothes and plants from all over the world. At only a few minutes away from our hotel you can buy Greek, Turkish and Italian products, and lot more of course.

All nationalities are represented at the Midi Market. Baskets full of fresh olives, dried fish, Greek pastries and all kinds of herbs and spices make this large and lively market one of the most colorful places for food-shopping in Brussels.

You should definitely take the time and spend some hours there!

Brussels Vintage Market


Retro is in style again! This very special market was launched in October 2010, and takes place in Halles ST Géry from 7 to 7 pm every first Sunday of the month.

What will you find there? All the typical Vintage objects brought here from some of the best sellers in town. Just imagine vintage paradise with second hand shoes, clothes and bags but also jewelry, coats, accessories, belts, hats, knitwear, boots, uniforms, necklaces, berets, wigs, ties and buttons…

They even sell old music records and some delicious (fresh) cupcakes in case you get hungry for a snack.


The BVM is also a nice and original place to get drinks or brunch with your friends after a fantastic and crazy morning of Vintage shopping. If you are a vintage lover you don’t want to miss this incredible market!

Check the official Facebook page for the upcoming market dates…

You will not be in Brussels those dates? Don’t worry, you can find the best Vintage shops in Brussels by clicking here.

Comic book market


Brussels is considered to be the European capital of comics. Every first Sunday of the month, on the Place Saint-Géry in the summer and in the Halles Saint-Géry in the winter comic fans flood out to get their hands on missing items in their collection. You will be able to find good deals on new and second-hand comic strips, and some people even simply exchange comic-books without. And then there is always the opportunity to meet artists and participate in contests …

Definitely a must go for Comics lovers!

More info:

Enjoy the most colorful markets of Brussels!

Modern Art In Brussels

You like modern art? What better place to visit and find interesting and refined art than in the heart of Europe: Brussels! Let us guide you to the perfect spots to feed your lust. The city has several museums showing various pieces of Modern Belgian Art from the modernist period. So don’t miss this opportunity, and visit one of these museums during your stay at our Boutique Hotel in Brussels.

The best way to discover Belgian modern art, which is considered to be present between the 1880´s until the 1960´s and regroups various movements, is with the modern art department of the Fine-Art Museums of Brussels. It is comprised of three amazing museums in Brussels: the Modern Art Museum, the Antoine Wiertz museum and the Constantin Meunier museums. The last two museums are entirely dedicated to these two major Belgian modernists.

Fine Arts Museum

First we will take you to 3, Rue de la Régence in Brussels. You will be impressed by the beautiful building in the Royal Museum of Fin Arts is housed. It was built as the Palais des Beaux-Arts, designed by Belgian architect Alphonse Balat. Completed in 1887 it stands as in central Brussels an clear reminder of the Beaux-Arts architecture use of themed statuary to assert the identity and meaning of the building.


The museum offers a great collection of works from the 19th century on display, a real treat for fans of the modernist era. It features over twenty thousand paintings, sculptures and drawings, so enough to enjoy. Moreover the entrance is only 8 €.


Opened on: Tuesday to Sunday (10h to17h)

Phone number: +32 (0)2 508 32

Website :

Wiertz Museum

Next stop, 62 rue Vautier, where the work of Antoine Wiertz is awaiting us. The controversial painter lived in what is now a museum dedicated to his oeuvre. Keep your wallet in your pocket, the entrance is free here!


While entering the Wiertz´s Atelier-Museum, you have to remember his nickname was the “painting philosopher”, in order to not be overwhelmed by what awaits you.

You will most likely be surprised by his particular crude and dramatic style. After the first shock, you will probably be able to imagine the philosophic goal of each of his paintings and enjoy this impressive exposition.


Opened on: Tuesday to Friday and week ends on reservation (10h to 12h ; 13h to 17h)

Phone number: +32 (0)2 648 17 18

Meunier Museum

Last stop is at 59 rue de l’Abbaye, in the Ixelles neighborhood. At what once was the home and atelier of the great Belgian artist, Constantin Meunier, you will now be exposed to sobriety.

You might have guessed, Meunier was a realist. He aimed at depicting in his art what he saw living in the Belgium of his time. You will surely enjoy this flashback to this era, being faced with the society and its challenges of the 19th century. Meuniers art is a true delight.

The entrance is free but you need to make a reservation if you prefer a guided visit.


Opened on: Tuesday to Friday and week ends on reservation (10h to 12h ; 13h to 17h)

Phone numbers: +32 (0)2 508 33 50 / + 32 (0)2 648 44 49


Enjoy your visits through the Modernist period of Belgium !

Brussels Best Bars For Live Music Close To The Pantone Hotel

If you find yourself at our hotel just off Avenue Louise and you don’t know what to do in the early evening? Live music will take your mind off of business and will allow you to relax in a cool atmosphere. This time you’ll find our top picks of Brussels live music bars. Here are some of the venues where locals go to enjoy live music while enjoying a drink. By the way, these spots are not only open during the weekend.

Our Brussels insider tips are for business and leisure travelers, and always up-to-date!

Michael Collins -Irish pub

The number one of our list is a great Irish pub close to the Pantone Hotel. Located in Rue du Bailli 1, it is a 10 minute walk from our hotel. If you are with a big group people you might want to make yourreservation at +32 2 644 61 21


If you are looking for live music this is undoubtedly one ofthe better places at walking distance from our Hotel in Brussels. Not every weekday you’ll find live music, but this could well be your best choice for the weekend. Aside from the music you’ll appreciate the very particular wooden interior with stylish decoration. Once you grab your Guinness, you’ll be immerged in a friendly and open atmosphere. It seems like everybody knows everybody and no one will ignore you if start a conversation. The staff is particularly friendly. This is, without a doubt, the most homely place in the area surrounding avenue Louise. Along with a very large beer selection they have good food and quality wines.



Conveniently located in the fashionable Antoine Dansaert’s Street 6, a stone’s throw away from the Stock Exchange it can be reached vía Metro in around 20 minutes from station Louise.


An Art Deco bar that is home to artists and hosts plenty of concerts, especially during the fall and the winter. Saturday’s “Jazz After Shopping” and Sunday’s “Round About Five”, both from 5-7 pm are must go in Brussels city music life. Opened in 1937, it became a jazz landmark in the 50s and 60s frequented by the likes of Jacques Brel and Nat King Cole. Lew Tabackin, Mal Waldron, Frank Black, Santa MacairoOrkestar, Luc Tuymans, Ann Pierlé are, currently, artists that you can often find here. Beers costs around 5 € (nothing spectacular for being Belgium). You should definitely opt for a cocktail (8,5€ / 9€ cost, but very high quality) or Whiskies (8€/10 € and wide choice). You’ll find a wide choice in the menu.

Upcoming events?On 27th of this month you’ll have the chance to enjoy the Jeanfrançois Prins Trio: Jeanfrançois Prins, Joris Teepe, Gene Jackson. On 3rd of February Riguelle & Hautekiet will exhibit in their very well known show “Un Premier Amour”. More info over upcoming events:


The Music Village

Enjoy a niche location at the very heart of Brussels, Rue des Pierres 50. This very stylish night bar offers lives concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.Thanks to live concerts with the very best of Belgian and International Jazz Stars (starting at 8:30pm), The Music Village offers any music fan a return to the Golden Age of international Jazz Clubs. Visit the website:


It’s a relaxed setting and offers dinner and drinks during concerts. You can book in advance by phone or online, reservations are recommended. Prices range from €7.50 to €20 depending on the evening. On Friday 1st February this year, Alexandre Cavaliere and his modern gypsy 5tee will be playing here. Click here for more information about the upcoming events: .


I hope you’ll enjoy the music and live shows during your stay in Brussels!

Top 3 Best Vintage Shops In Brussels

If, for you, shopping means sifting through a smorgasbord of ageless fabrics, colors and styles. If, in sum, vintage is your kind of shopping, you landed on the right page. Here you’ll find what you need to know about the best vintage shops in Brussels. Bring home some colored clothes, something strange, something fun, in one word, something…Vintage! Enjoy your stay at our colored hotel nearby avenue Louise.

Here’s a simple fact that clarifies our framework: Vintage Shopping is like treasure hunting. You might not find anything that fits perfectly, but you can be certain that you’ll find something special if you’re willing to put some time in. Read on to find out which are the best Vintage shops to visit…

Click here to see the directions from The Pantone Hotel.


Our first stop is Burlesque, rue du Midi 64. Probably one of the oldest Vintage stores in town! It is small but perfectly formed store where you can find some extremely exciting gems.


Laurence B., the owner, is a one of a kind character. Scottish from origin -not that hard figuring out once you have spotted the picture of the Queen on the wall- has been travelling the world for 30 years before setting base in Brussels. He also owns a club in town. During his career he has been working also as Dj and record producer. This is undoubtedly why, If you are rock’n roll or pin up, this is where you are going to find what you need! A final disclosure: they have a great collection of boots, handbags and hats.


Gabriele Vintage

It’s pity to have to leave the Burlesque store this quickly, but it is already time for a second stop: Gabriele Vintage, rue des Chartreux 27. Here the website.


With its unique style, you’ll feel like you have walked onto a movie set. What an amazing shop. In such a welcoming and dreamy interior, Gabriele offers a superb collection of extraordinary clothing from women’s ball gowns, dresses, blouses and coats, to men’s shirts, jackets, raincoats and tailcoats. No detail is overlooked. To accompany these outfits, Gabriele has collected matching accessories and hand bags. You’ll find tiny pearl-encrusted evening bags intermingled with 1950’s snake-skin bags and brightly colored patent leather examples from the 1970s. You’ll also find an unique collection of jewellery and sandals.

The soul of this store is of course Gabriele. Gabriele Wolf, the owner, comes from Germany and originally arrived in Brussels as a costume designer… Her enthusiasm for vintage clothes led her to open this sprawling showroom. This was our second tip!


Ramon & Valy Vintage Shop

Third and last stop for today…The incredible Ramon & Valy Vintage Shop in Rue des Teinturiers 19. Guess which is the owners name?


This Spanish / Belgian couple, Ramon and Valy, are pioneers of the Brussels vintage scene. They own a very beautiful boutique with unique and beautiful vintage clothes. If you are searching for a very special dress then this is the place to go. Here you will not only find regular vintage clothes, if regular vintage clothing exists that is. Here you’ll find unique pieces by Chanel and Dior. Do not expect these pieces to come cheap, but be sure that you will find an extraordinary piece and get a chance to make a good deal.


I hope you’ll enjoy a great afternoon of shopping in the best Vintage stores in Brussels!

Sales! Cheap Shopping In Brussels

From 3rd to 31st January, the shopping streets in Brussels are bustling with winter sales activity, if you are a shopping lover don’t miss a visit! Sales in Brussels are,by law, actual sales: this means that traders, including those really cool Belgian boutiques, can only sell products in a “sale”, “solden” in Dutch, or “soldes” in French. Our hotel close to avenue Louise is the perfect starting point for a couple of days of shopping.

Shopping in Brussels in the month of January is, more than ever, all about fashion and design. Don’t expect huge savings though, the discounts usually go up as the sale period goes on. So the first week, you may find many things marked down only 15% or so; by the end of the sale period, the stuff that hasn’t moved may be marked down 30% to 40%. Still you’ll be able to make great deals during the sales in Brussels!

Where to go? Here our list of shopping districts and boutiques


Of course we must start with Avenue Louise: possibly the best and most varied shopping district and the closest to our hotel, just five walking. The international brands are very well represented here alongside high-end local shops. Must visit shops are, without a doubt: : Delvaux, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Tod’s, Vuitton, Wolfers, Tiffany’s, Diane Von Furstenberg, Max Mara, Serneels, Crossword, Hall of Time… and there are many more that could be mentioned. Here you’ll be able to get great deals on top brands. Discounts may even go up to 50 % discount, but only by the second half of January!


The fancyDansaert district plays host, in bold spaces, to original contemporary fashion projects. First stop is Stijl, a store that showcases the best in Belgian design. The studio boutiques of young designers showcase impressive personal and unexpected styles. The sales here are well worthwhile for fashion-fans looking for unique and affordable pieces. Other must go shops are: AnnemieVerbeke, Christa Reniers, Maison Martin Margiela, Marc Jacobs, Le Fabuleux Marcel andValérieBerckmans.

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

The oldest and most prestigious shopping arcades in Europe offer a selection of specialist shops. This is a really well-known glazed shopping arcade and so you’ll likely find other tourists here. This Italian Neo-Renaissance arcade is considered one of Europe’s oldest “malls”. Charged by King Leopold I with its construction in 1837, young architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaars converted the entire Rue Saint-Hubert into the airy arcade that you see today. Our must sees for shopping: Tropismes, Delvaux, Longchamps, Neuhaus, Mary chocolatier, la Champagnothèque,GanterieItalienne.

Sablon and Marolles


So close and yet so different, these two districts are a real gold mine for art lovers, collectors or bargain hunters. You can find anything from antique dealers and vintage shops to chocolate creations by famous chocolatiers! Pierre Marcolini’s chocolate shop is worth visiting even if only to dream about the wealth of flavour. Here chocolate collections are introduced every season like a fashion line, with new concepts, interiors and flavours to choose from. What else to visit when in these neighbourhoods: Wittamer, Patrick Roger, Leysen, Costermans, Flamant Home Interior, Baobab, Au Bon Repos, Marcolini, Espace 161.

I hope you’ll enjoy our shopping tips during sales in Brussels!

Brussels Events Calender 2013

We are very excited to bring you our Brussels event calendar with all the best and more colorful events taking place in Brussels during 2013. Art, design, food, music, sport, party, beer, business and lot more…Brussels is the city where you will find the most interesting events throughout the year! Come to visit the city and enjoy some of these great events during your stay at our hotel close to Avenue Louise.




events-brussels-a-11-13 Jules Wabbes – Furniture Designer 

The exhibition includes original drawings and photographs of Jules Wabbes, one of the leading Belgian furniture designers of the postwar period.Many unique pieces of furniture and a number of prototypes never exhibited before.


events-brussels-a-11-20 Glenn Murcutt, Architecture for Place

Location: Bois de la Cambre-Horta, Architecture Space. The exhibition shows Murcutt’s specific position in the development of modern architecture that is characterized by a strong relationship to traditional building techniques combined with the use of local materials.



events-brussels-a-18-28 Brussels Brunfaut’s Progressist Architects

In 2013 brunfaut’s an exhibition about belgian architecture from the modernist period. This is another exhibition in the thematic cycle around belgian architecture of recent times.


events-brussels-a-1Tba Réseau d’affichage de la Ville de Bruxelles

Organizers of cultural, social or sporting events can announce their activities through posters in Brussels. The City of Brussels has about forty posting places spread over the whole surface: frames, columns, panels. These billboards are only for the posting of ‘cultural’ posters.



events-brussels-a-12 Museum Night Fever

20 of the most prominent museums in Brussels opens its doors to public during the night. An enchanted evening of exhibitions, music, performances, and workshops at. Shuttles are available for transportation across the city.



events-brussels-a-1All Month Artbrussels

Every year more than 25,000 people gather at this contemporary art venue, where 150 carefully chosen international galleries showcase the work of establishedartists and young talent, ranging from photographs and monochromes to light sculptures and color canvasses.


events-brussels-a-123-25 European Seafood Exposition

25,600 buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood-industry professionals from over 140 countries attended the 2012 fair to meet face to face and do business. Already on its 21st edition, the European Seafood Exposition is the global can’t-miss fair for the seafood industry.



events-brussels-a-118 Gay Pride

Brussels Gay Pride started out as Pink Saturday in the 1980s and now signals the start of the gay and lesbian summer. Around 20,000 parade through the capital, and parties fill the Pride Rainbow Village in Brussels’ St Jacques district.


events-brussels-a-124-26 Brussels Jazz Marathon

For the 17th time, the Brussels Jazz Marathon weekend will be the annual rendez-vous for jazz music lovers. 125 free concerts and more than 450 musicians await you on the biggest squares in Brussels. Big Bands and famous soloists play in open air, smaller bands play in bars and taverns. Jazz it up!


events-brussels-a-126 20 Km of Brussels

30.000 runners start from the Parc du Cinquantenaire for 20kms through the city.



events-brussels-a-128-30 Couleur Café

If you are looking for color in Brussels this is your event…coulour café is just as colorful as our hotel. You’ll find the best music from the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America! In between concerts visitors can buy ornaments and handicraft products from all over the world and sample delicious cocktails and international dishes.


events-brussels-a-1Tba Brussels Wine Week

Red, white and rose wines will be put forward during one week. Novices, amateurs, wine lovers, professional, everyone will be charmed. Seminars, encounters, tasting sessions, visits to wine cellars, label collections, a roadshow. ..Everything for wine lovers!



events-brussels-a-115 July – Half August Brussels Beach

Every year, the banks of the Brussels channel, at the level of the Place Sainctelette, are transformed into a real urban beach for Bruxelles les Bains. 3.000 tons of sand from the North Sea are poured on the site and the beach is provided with huts, deckchairs and fountains. It is not only a place for relaxation in summer, but also the place for street entertainment, concerts, sports and sun.


events-brussels-a-1Mid July The Midi Fair

This traditional fair extends along the small ring road, on the Boulevard du Midi, near the Midi train station.The Midi Fair now counts more than 130 diverse attractions both for young and old. There are the old, traditional and the newest, more sensational attractions.


events-brussels-a-113-14 Brosella Folk & jazz

Brosella Folk & Jazz is an international festival with jazz and folk music. The warm notes of folk and jazz will cradle you during this 37th editionin the ‘Green Theatre’ at the Osseghem Park, near the Atomium. The weekend also includes Brosella for the Kids, with theater, music, workshops, entertainment, for children.



events-brussels-a-118 Brussels Summer Festival

The Brussels Summer Festival is above all a big cultural and popular feast which counts on diverse artistic disciplines: theatre, music, street animations emphasizing the architectural heritage. Where? All the most beautiful places of Brussels: Place Royale, place des Palais, parc de Bruxelles, place des Musées, Mont des Arts.


events-brussels-a-1Tba Brussels’ Flower Carpet

The famous Carpet of Flowers covers 1,800 m² right in the centre of the Grand Place. An incredible show of natural colors! Thecolored plant tapestry can be admired best from the balcony of the City Hall, which is open to the public for the occasion.


events-brussels-a-131 Aug – 2 Sept Belgian Beer Weekend

Come visit the Belgian Beer Café stand at the 14th Edition of the Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels! More than 50 Belgian Brewers will welcome beer lovers from all over the world.



events-brussels-a-1Tba Eat! Brussels

This is the place to be for all food lovers! The capital of Europe invites you to taste many different sides of Brussels and Belgium!


events-brussels-a-110 -12 Mood

MoOD is the leading fair of furnishing fabrics featuring the widest offer, with 350 exhibitors and 12,000 visitors from over 100 countries.


events-brussels-a-124 -27 Label Expo

Label Expo Europe 2013 is the world’s largest event for the label and package printing industry. The scale of the show is staggering: seven halls and over 550 exhibitors. Visitors from more than a hundred countries take over Brussels, bringing with them spending commitments of millions of Euros.



events-brussels-a-304-7 Fotofever

Many galleries from the whole Europe present the best of contemporary photographic and video creation. This is the second European photography art fair settles in Brussels.


events-brussels-a-17-10 Open Days 2013

The OPEN DAYS-European Week of Regions and Cities is the key annual event for regional and local authorities. In 2013, OPEN DAYS will consist of between 90 and 100 workshops, debates, and networking activities attended by some 6 000 participants.



events-brussels-a-1Tba 1st Ice & Snow Sculptures Festival 

For the first time in Brussels, here is a Festival of very particular sculptures…This incredible artists working at 0º will amaze you with their incredible works!



events-brussels-a-1All month Brussels Winter Wonders 

Winter Wonder, Plaisirsd’Hiver or Winterpret, animates the heart of Brussels in December, during Christmas and at the beginning of the new year.Brussels Christmas markets stretch about 2 km through Brussels with a charming series of shops, chalets, attractions, activities and terraces.


events-brussels-a-1Tba Nuit Blanche 

A cultural event open to all and free, at once artistic and popular. Already on its 11th edition, the aimof this event is to rediscoverthe city of Brussels from a new perspective. It is a night to get together, to share unusual and creative aspects of the contemporary creative scene in a warm and festive atmosphere that encourages discovery and wonder.

Brussels Winter Wonders, Christmas Shopping

In Belgium we have a fondness of Christmas markets and that’s why Belgian Christmas markets are amongst the most famous in Europe. You’ll find plenty of cozy Christmas markets all over the country. A number of the characteristic markets are located in Bruges, Liege, Durbuy, Spa, Namur, Tournai and there are many others worthy of a mention. Undoubtedly the most important, heart-warming and especially most colorful Christmas market is Brussels Winter Wonders. If you are staying at our hotel just off Avenue Louise during November or December, we recommend a stroll through these markets to get into the Christmas spirit.spacer-blog

Brussels Christmas markets stretch about 2 km through Brussels with a charming series of shops, chalets, attractions, activities and terraces. Test delicacies, buy your souvenirs, and collect ingredients for delicious dishes to be served on Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the people you love.The marketsanimate the heart of Brussels during the Christmas festivities, taking place at the Grand-Place in Brussels and around the Bourse, Place Sainte-Catherine and Marché aux Poissons.


If you’d like to go for a stroll, you’ll enjoy arefreshening 20 minute walk through AvenueLuise and Rue Lebeau before immersing in the rich smells, sweet flavours and the warm atmosphere of the Christmas Market.


The atmosphere present on the market will leave you breathless. As soon as you enter the Grote Markt or Grand Place, you’ll find yourself surrounded by more than colorful 200 booths selling everything from Russian dolls to freshly roasted nuts and Christmas clothes. Lined up in the open space, small music bands playjazz and seasonal music, while a big ferriswheel towers over the market.


Enjoy thedelicious smells of the Winter Wonders Caféwhen they come to your senses.The scent of chestnuts, waffles, crepes, sausages and Glühwein, steaming mussels and speculoos mixed together, all combined will bring you a unique experience.

So what else should you do? Just grab yourself a Belgian waffle and stroll through the streets to catch a glimpse of thehundreds of chalets. You’ll love it!

Winter Wonders includes:

  • Christmas market (approximately 250 chalets)
  • Fairground attractions (Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, sledding track)
  • Ice rink for skating (1050 m2)
  • Winter Café
  • Christmas tree and light show on the Grand-Place

Opening time:

  • Mon / Thu: 12.00 / 21.00
  • Fri : 12.00 / 22.00
  • Sat / Sun: 11.00 / 22.00
  • 24 & 31 December: 11.00 / 18.00
  • 25 December & 01 January : 12.00 / 22.00

Visit St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

The St. Michael and the St. Gudula Cathedral is an impressive cathedral that we think you must visit during your stay at our hotel near by Avenue Louise. Located at twenty minute walk from the Pantone hotel, this cathedral will not only offer you a great visit to this important Belgian monument but also a welcome excuse to get some fresh air in the city center of Brussels which, is already glowing because of the numerous Christmas markets and the Christmas decorations throughout Brussels city center.

The St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church at the Treurenberg Hill in Brussels. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Malines-Brussels, the national church of Belgium and it is here that royal weddings and funerals take place. In French, it is called Cathédrale Saints-Michel-et-Gudule and in Dutch Sint-Michiels- en Sint-Goedelekathedraal, usually shortened to “Sint-Goedele”. Click here to see how to get there from our hotel.

Victor Hugo described this gothic marvel as the “purest flowering of the Gothic style”. Upon entering the church, you’ll understand why. The interior of the Cathedral is not as decorated as you might expect of a Gothic Cathedral. The simplicity of the decoration, however, allows you to appreciate the beauty of Gothic architecture. Your attention will immediately be drawn to the building’s stunning columns and arches.


The origin of the name of this church dates back to 1047, when Lambert II, Count of Leuven founded a chapter in this church and organized the transportation of the relics of Saint Gudula. Originally the relics housed in Saint Gaugericus Church on Saint-Géry Island. In the thirteenth century, the cathedral was renovated and received its Gothic style. The choir was constructed between 1226 and 1276. The façade was completed in the mid-fifteenth century. A thorough restoration of the cathedral was carried out between 1983 and November 1999. Remains of a Romanesque church were discovered, as well as a Romanesque crypt under the choir.


The patron saints of the church, Archangel St. Michael and the martyr St. Gudula, are also the patron saints of the city of Brussels.

We also shortly would like to virtually walk you through the church. Right above the West Front you’ll find the impressive judgment window, donated by Empire Charles V in the fifteenth century. The brightness of the colors of these glasses will amaze you. Moving to the end of the cathedral you’ll find the beautiful 18th century Baroque Pulpit, sculptured in wood by Henri-Francois Verbruggen.


This obviously is only a brief description of this incredible cathedral. Below you’ll find all the information need to visit.


Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 8.00 am to 6 pm (visits from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm only)
  • Sunday: 8.00 am to 6 pm (visits from 2 pm only)

Entrance fee: free

Romanesque remains

Opening times:

  • Open every day from 8 am to 6 pm

Entrance fee: 1 euro (groups: 0,75 euro per person)

Romanesque crypt

Opening times:

  • Open on request only via A.C.T./C.D.T.B. Tel & fax: 02/219.68.34
  • Visits in small groups (max 10 pers.)
  • Entrance fee: 2,50 euros

The Cathedral Treasure

Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday: 10 am – 12.30 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am -> 3.00 pm
  • Sunday: 2 pm – 5 pm

Entrance fee:

  • Adults: 1 euro (children: free)
  • Schools: 5 euros
  • Groups: 10 euros (min 10 pers.)

For free guided tours: please contact A.C.T./C.D.T.B, tel& fax: 02/219.68.34
Secretary: Rue du Bois Sauvage 15 – 1000 Brussels – Tél.: 02/217.83.45 – Fax: 02/219.96.55

Best Art Galleries In Brussels, Belgium

With a display of both classical art and more contemporary pieces, Brussels’ countless art galleries cater to a wide range of interests. Among the many galleries and places for art lovers, in the city we have selected two galleries and an art fair that we consider amongst the very best to visit in Brussels: the Almine Rech Gallery, Therorema, situated close by our hotel just off Avenue Louise, and Art Brussels, a contemporary art fair definitely worth seeing in case you are passing through Brussels in April. For those interested in modern art, there are impressive exhibitions at the Centre of Contemporary Art and Museum of Modern Art.

1. Almine Rech Gallery


Almine Rech is an internationally recognized exhibitor. His gallery in Brussels, just like the one located in Paris, proposes highly regarded exhibitions and participation in many international art fairs contribute to the gallery’s pedigree.

The strength of the gallery lies in its solid roster of artists, which includes both historical mainstays and more cutting edge names like Joseph Kosuth, Anselm Reyle, Katja Strunz, James Turrell, Amelie Von Wulffen, Hedi Slimane and many more. Until mid-November 2012, you’ll be able to find a great exhibition of the works of the American artist Jeffrey Koons. Koons is very well known for his reproductions of banal objects, such as balloon shaped animals produced in stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces.  If you’ll come to Brussels before the end of the year or in the beginning of 2013 and you want to visit the Almine Rech Gallery, you’ll find the works of the artist Francesco Vezzoli in an exhibition titled “Olga forever!”. His works often present “Pop Icons” or “Stars” of the big and small screen presented in an original way. Really worth a visit! Follow their news and events on Facebook! The gallery is located in 20 Rue de L’Abbaye/ Abdijstraat 20

2. Art Brussels


Art Brussels has the reputation of being Europe’s leading cutting-edge contemporary art fair. This is a must-see event for every art lover! The next edition is will happen from 18 April to 21 April 2013 at Brussels Expo. This is one of the most prestigious international art fairs and is visited by over 30,000 artists and art fans annually and counts over 180 participating galleries, 80% of which come from abroad. Art Brussels is as international as it gets. The admission of galleries is extremely complicated, since they have to pass through a challenging selection procedure. This does make Art Brussels such an incredible event. Besides the main program of the fair, there is an emphasis on presentations of works by young prospective artists coming from all parts of Europe. Join them on Facebook!


3. THEOREMA Art Gallery


THEOREMA art gallery presents today’s Greek art scene in Brussels in connection with contemporary European artists. It is located around the corner of the hotel, on rue Berckmans 39. After heading out of the Pantone hotel, turn to your right onto Rue Berckmans. After a two minute walk, crossing Rue de Suisse and Rue Capouillet, you’ll hit the gallery.  Until the 17th of November 2012 here you’ll find Tassos Mantzavinos’s paintings. His works are a mix of European traditions and contemporary Greek frames combined in a mix ofscholar techniques and authentic popular instinct.

He focuses on a personal surreal humanism. He says: “le peintre est son propre mythe, l’univers de ses pensées, les choix de sa vie, tout cela aboutit sur son tableau.” Freely translated into: “The artist is his own myth, his thoughts are his universe, his choices in life, all lead to his canvas.” In spring 2012 his works were presented at the Benaki Museum in Athens. Here a list of artists who exposed their works at the THEOREMAGallery  during 2012: Maria Kelaidi, Nikos Oikonomidis, YiannisStefanakis, therewith setting the bar high for 2013.
Enjoy visiting these galleries in Brussels, Belgium !