Modern Art In Brussels

You like modern art? What better place to visit and find interesting and refined art than in the heart of Europe: Brussels! Let us guide you to the perfect spots to feed your lust. The city has several museums showing various pieces of Modern Belgian Art from the modernist period. So don’t miss this opportunity, and visit one of these museums during your stay at our Boutique Hotel in Brussels.

The best way to discover Belgian modern art, which is considered to be present between the 1880´s until the 1960´s and regroups various movements, is with the modern art department of the Fine-Art Museums of Brussels. It is comprised of three amazing museums in Brussels: the Modern Art Museum, the Antoine Wiertz museum and the Constantin Meunier museums. The last two museums are entirely dedicated to these two major Belgian modernists.

Fine Arts Museum

First we will take you to 3, Rue de la Régence in Brussels. You will be impressed by the beautiful building in the Royal Museum of Fin Arts is housed. It was built as the Palais des Beaux-Arts, designed by Belgian architect Alphonse Balat. Completed in 1887 it stands as in central Brussels an clear reminder of the Beaux-Arts architecture use of themed statuary to assert the identity and meaning of the building.


The museum offers a great collection of works from the 19th century on display, a real treat for fans of the modernist era. It features over twenty thousand paintings, sculptures and drawings, so enough to enjoy. Moreover the entrance is only 8 €.


Opened on: Tuesday to Sunday (10h to17h)

Phone number: +32 (0)2 508 32

Website :

Wiertz Museum

Next stop, 62 rue Vautier, where the work of Antoine Wiertz is awaiting us. The controversial painter lived in what is now a museum dedicated to his oeuvre. Keep your wallet in your pocket, the entrance is free here!


While entering the Wiertz´s Atelier-Museum, you have to remember his nickname was the “painting philosopher”, in order to not be overwhelmed by what awaits you.

You will most likely be surprised by his particular crude and dramatic style. After the first shock, you will probably be able to imagine the philosophic goal of each of his paintings and enjoy this impressive exposition.


Opened on: Tuesday to Friday and week ends on reservation (10h to 12h ; 13h to 17h)

Phone number: +32 (0)2 648 17 18

Meunier Museum

Last stop is at 59 rue de l’Abbaye, in the Ixelles neighborhood. At what once was the home and atelier of the great Belgian artist, Constantin Meunier, you will now be exposed to sobriety.

You might have guessed, Meunier was a realist. He aimed at depicting in his art what he saw living in the Belgium of his time. You will surely enjoy this flashback to this era, being faced with the society and its challenges of the 19th century. Meuniers art is a true delight.

The entrance is free but you need to make a reservation if you prefer a guided visit.


Opened on: Tuesday to Friday and week ends on reservation (10h to 12h ; 13h to 17h)

Phone numbers: +32 (0)2 508 33 50 / + 32 (0)2 648 44 49


Enjoy your visits through the Modernist period of Belgium !

Best Brussels Museums

Brussels is the city to be for art lovers that are visiting Belgium. There is a digestible choice of museums worth visiting, when around for a short break in Brussels. As your hosts at thePANTONE HOTELTM Brussels, we’d like to provide you with a short list of museums visiting. All museums can be reached easily from our hotel close to Avenue Louise.

Visiting museums in Brussels does require a bit of prepping up. The reason behind this is that it’s not always easy to find your way around in the web of Brussels museums. Brussels has different groups of museums that you’ll be able to find under multiple names or individual descriptions.

Some of the museum groups, on top, are divided over multiple locations which make it tricky to comprehend where you’re supposed to be heading. Especially when searching online, you might run into some confusing information.

We made you a tiny selection of museums that we think are definitely worth exploring. For our selection we also attempt to find you a path through the labyrinth.

1. Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts were founded more than 2 centuries ago, and consist of a group of museums on different locations. The collection combined contains a stunning twenty thousand paintings, sculptures and drawings. The treasures of the museums include works by Bosch, Bruegel, Cranach, Memling, Jordaens, Rubens, Delveaux and Magritte.

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Brussels

1.1 The Museum of Ancient Art

Here you’ll find a large collection of sculptures and paintings from the 15th through the 18th century. Our personal favorite: the wing dedicated to Felmish old masters.

Address: 3 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels (you can purchase your tickets here, the entrance is at Place Royale 1)
Tel: 02 508 32 11
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-17:00

1.2 The Museum of Modern Art

This museum is dedicated to artists of the 19th and 20th century. The museum is currently closed and will reopen in November 2012.

Address: 3 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels (you can purchase your tickets here, entrance is at Place Royale 1)
Tel: 02 508 32 11
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-17:00

1.3 The Antoine Wiertz Museum

Antoine Wiertz was a highly spectcular artist and often painted on huge canvasses where drama, terror and size played an important role.

Location: Rue Vautier 62, 1050 Brussels
Tel: 02 648 17 18
Open: weekends from 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00

1.4 The Constantin Meunier Museum

Meunier had a love for paintings and sculptures. This museum is the place where the artist spent the last years of his life and contains more than 700 works of art.

Location: Rue de l’Abbaye 59, 1050 Brussels
Tel: 02 648 44 99
Open: infrequent weekends, call to arrange a special visit

2. Magritte museums

Again here there is a bit of space for confusion. There are 2 Magritte museums in Brussels dedicated to this famous artist.

Renee Magritte - The Son of Man

The first Magritte museum (website: click here) is located at Place Royale 1. Indeed, at the exact same address as the museum of modern art. Online you won’t be abe to find out easily that these museums are located at the same spot. Tickets also need to be purchased separately. Hint: combined tickets are cheaper.

The collection is a beautiful sample of René Magritte’s oeuvre and covers all periods from his life. Here you’ll find his most important masterpieces.

Then there’s the second Magritte museum (website: click here). Renee Magritte lived here for 24 years of his life. This museum offers a biographical description of his life. TA visit of this will give you a very intimate impression of the life of Magritte.

Location: Rue Esseghem 135

These 2 museums truly compliment each other, so if you’re a fan of Magritte’s modern surrealist art, you should go and see both.

3. Musee du Cinquantenaire

Once more, this museum is part of a group, being the Royal Museums of Art and History

Musee du Cinquantenaire offers an overview of the history of mankind in the five continents from prehistoric times until today. This large museum includes high quality exhibitions and archaeological pieces from prehistory to the Middle Ages. The South American exposition holds our preference, which you shouldn’t miss.

Location: Parc du Cinquantenaire 10

Enjoy the museum trip!