Top 6 Restaurants Near The Pantone Hotel

Are you looking to find those fantastic secret dinner spots during your stay at our Hotel close to Avenue Louise? Those perfect places almost only known to locals? Let us provide you with some local knowledge. Here are a few suggestions of nice restaurants for all moods and tastes within a close range and easily accessible by foot! Are you ready for some great food and atmosphere, follow our tips by locals!

Spot 1: Italian food!


In the mood for Italian food? Try out the Sale, Pepe & Rosmarino restaurant! 100 meters away from our hotel (from Rue Berckmans, turn left and walk on for 2 minutes) you will find this amazing Italian restaurant.  The menu is quite small but be sure that every dish is fresh and prepared with love. They also have some great Italian wines.

Our tip: go for handmade pasta and freshly made Zabaione.

Address: Rue Berckmans 98, Saint-Gillis, 1060, Brussels.
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Spot 2: Burgers, burgers and special burgers


Are you craving a quality burger? Try out the Cool Bun restaurant! Offering tasty and quality burgers, the meal here will bring you a moment of joy. To go there, when leaving the hotel go left onto Berckmans street. Turn towards your right, walk for a few meters and cross the road when you see the restaurant. The homemade Burger is, of course, flame grilled organic burger!

Our tip: Apple jack burger. Onglet, lettuce, oven dried tomatoes, Cheddar, onion rings, BBQ sauce. Not the typical burger you’ll find in any burger place.

Address: Rue Berckmans 34 1060 Brussels +32 2 537 80 02
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Spot 3: Go Oriental without moving from Saint Gilles!


Is exotic food your thing? Or simply curious of what Moroccan food has to offer? Try out the Bab Dar restaurant in Saint-Gilles! While walking out of the hotel, go right to the Bronstraat on which you’ll walk until Chaussée de Charleroi. Go left on the Chaussée de Charleroi and you will find this classy oriental restaurant there. The inside is nicely decorated and announces a promise: to guide you to real Moroccan cuisine. Its offers go from great tajines to traditional high class Moroccan meals.  Enjoy your discovery of Moroccan cuisine!

Our tip: Surprise yourself with the Monkfish (Lotte) Chermoula.

Address: 85, Chaussée de Charleroi 1060 Saint-Gillis (Brussels)
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Spot 4: Belgian food!


You are looking for more traditional Belgian food? Follow us to a part of Berckmans street where you will find a local treasure.
While leaving the hotel walk to the Berckmans street, go right then straight to the large crossroad with Chaussée Charleroi. Cross the road to stay on the Berckmans Street and after a few meters you will find the restaurant Le Malte. This Belgian restaurant offers a wide selection of European/Belgian meals built to please anyone. This restaurant has accessible prices and offers great quality; it also has lunch specials. A great spot to take a break during your day.

Our tip: try out the meals made “Malte” way, they are original and great!

Address: Rue Berckmans 30, Saint-Gilles, Brussels.
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Spot 5: Could “The Cuisine” be missing?


Looking for French cuisine? Try out Flâneries Gourmandes then. It is a little further down the street then Le Malte, and its French modern cuisine is delightful. Even though the menu is slightly higher priced, the dishes are truly delicious and tasteful! Its short menu changes regularly, so whenever you are in Brussels you can re-visit this restaurant over and over again, and still be pleasantly surprised by their meals!

Our tip: let yourself be surprised by the creativity of the chef using season products in its menus!

Address: Rue berckmans 2, Ixelles, Brussels.
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Spot 6: You can’t pick just 1 nationality…We give you 2 at once!


You enjoy eating outside but are slightly tired of the usual, traditional European cuisine? Inada is the perfect place for you! This restaurant managed very successfully to create a fusion of Japanese cuisine and French gastronomy! Any gourmet or food lover has to try this; it would even be worth the trip to Brussels alone. Prices may again be slightly higher, the quality of the cuisine and products there is off the hook. To get there go to your right while leaving the Hotel and walk straight to the crossroads. Immediately on your right, on this crossroad, you will find Inada. You’re in for a treat, guaranteed!

Our tip: try out the eel filet caramelized Japanese style!

Address: 73 rue de la Source, 1060, Saint-Gilles, Brussels.
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We hope you enjoyed our tips foody!

Brussels Best Bars For Live Music Close To The Pantone Hotel

If you find yourself at our hotel just off Avenue Louise and you don’t know what to do in the early evening? Live music will take your mind off of business and will allow you to relax in a cool atmosphere. This time you’ll find our top picks of Brussels live music bars. Here are some of the venues where locals go to enjoy live music while enjoying a drink. By the way, these spots are not only open during the weekend.

Our Brussels insider tips are for business and leisure travelers, and always up-to-date!

Michael Collins -Irish pub

The number one of our list is a great Irish pub close to the Pantone Hotel. Located in Rue du Bailli 1, it is a 10 minute walk from our hotel. If you are with a big group people you might want to make yourreservation at +32 2 644 61 21


If you are looking for live music this is undoubtedly one ofthe better places at walking distance from our Hotel in Brussels. Not every weekday you’ll find live music, but this could well be your best choice for the weekend. Aside from the music you’ll appreciate the very particular wooden interior with stylish decoration. Once you grab your Guinness, you’ll be immerged in a friendly and open atmosphere. It seems like everybody knows everybody and no one will ignore you if start a conversation. The staff is particularly friendly. This is, without a doubt, the most homely place in the area surrounding avenue Louise. Along with a very large beer selection they have good food and quality wines.



Conveniently located in the fashionable Antoine Dansaert’s Street 6, a stone’s throw away from the Stock Exchange it can be reached vía Metro in around 20 minutes from station Louise.


An Art Deco bar that is home to artists and hosts plenty of concerts, especially during the fall and the winter. Saturday’s “Jazz After Shopping” and Sunday’s “Round About Five”, both from 5-7 pm are must go in Brussels city music life. Opened in 1937, it became a jazz landmark in the 50s and 60s frequented by the likes of Jacques Brel and Nat King Cole. Lew Tabackin, Mal Waldron, Frank Black, Santa MacairoOrkestar, Luc Tuymans, Ann Pierlé are, currently, artists that you can often find here. Beers costs around 5 € (nothing spectacular for being Belgium). You should definitely opt for a cocktail (8,5€ / 9€ cost, but very high quality) or Whiskies (8€/10 € and wide choice). You’ll find a wide choice in the menu.

Upcoming events?On 27th of this month you’ll have the chance to enjoy the Jeanfrançois Prins Trio: Jeanfrançois Prins, Joris Teepe, Gene Jackson. On 3rd of February Riguelle & Hautekiet will exhibit in their very well known show “Un Premier Amour”. More info over upcoming events:


The Music Village

Enjoy a niche location at the very heart of Brussels, Rue des Pierres 50. This very stylish night bar offers lives concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.Thanks to live concerts with the very best of Belgian and International Jazz Stars (starting at 8:30pm), The Music Village offers any music fan a return to the Golden Age of international Jazz Clubs. Visit the website:


It’s a relaxed setting and offers dinner and drinks during concerts. You can book in advance by phone or online, reservations are recommended. Prices range from €7.50 to €20 depending on the evening. On Friday 1st February this year, Alexandre Cavaliere and his modern gypsy 5tee will be playing here. Click here for more information about the upcoming events: .


I hope you’ll enjoy the music and live shows during your stay in Brussels!

Brussels Restaurant Tips Close To The Pantone Hotel

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf.  Brussels is known for a wealth of great restaurants at very reasonable prices. Hence here’s a list of three affordable restaurants in Saint Gilles and Ixelles. All three of them are located at less than 15 minutes walking distance from our design hotel in Brussels.

Brussels is a true cosmopolitan city and the unexpected awaits you at every turn. Food is no exception. Just few step away from the Pantone Hotel you’ll find a wide choice of restaurants and cuisines. Traditional Belgian food, Italian, contemporary cuisine, seafood are just examples of the wealth of dinner choices close to Pantone Hotel.  The following three restaurants are close to the hotel and undoubtedly all worth a visit.

La Vigne

Restaurant “La Vigne” is located in the lively Rue Jourdan, where plenty of restaurants open their doors every night. Head to La Vigne for seafood specialties and seasonal food. For a 2 course dinner including wine, you’ll spend about €40 to €50. Now let us not try to sell you our opinions on this restaurant. Better let one of our clients, TMLAalum from Cleveland Ohio, give you a tip for the best dish in here:

We noticed this restaurant in our exploration of the area near Hotel Pantone and, based on the variety of mussels offered, decided to dine there. No regrets whatsoever! I ordered escargots and mussels in garlic and cream sauce and my husband chose mussels in a curry cream sauce. There were at least 3 dozen in each serving and they were plump and delicious…”.

Mussels are clearly an excellent pick for a memorable dinner!

Address: Rue Jourdan 6 Saint-Gilles. A 3 minute walk from the hotel. Tel: +32 2 538 12 07

Chez Oki

At Chez Oki you’ll be immersed in a casually elegant atmosphere and contemporary Japanese fusion cuisine. Even though you can eat a la carte, we recommend you take a 3, 4 or 5 course menu. Don’t miss out on the signature dish here,  sushi foie gras.

Chez Oki is located at 62 rue Lesbroussart a 15 minute walk from the Pantone Hotel.  Phone: +32 2 644 45 76

Les Salades de Gaspard

First and foremost this bistro-style restaurant is known for great service and a warm atmosphere. This is a great charming and cosy spot for a nice chat with friends or for couples. Between great salads, and a choice of grilled meat there are plenty of exciting plates on the menu.

When asking for recommendations to the restaurant staff, the following plates will probably be mentioned: the Salade César, the Salade de la mer and the
Salade Riche with smoked salmon and prawns. Amongst the grilled meats, Gaspard recommends the Siemmenthal entrecote.

Location: 41 Rue Veydt, at less then 10 minutes walking from our hotel. Phone: +32 2 537 37 77

On the map below you’ll find where each of the restaurants is situated.

View Pantone Hotel – nearby restaurants in a larger map

We hope you’ll enjoy our pick of the great gastronomy of Brussels.