If, for you, shopping means sifting through a smorgasbord of ageless fabrics, colors and styles. If, in sum, vintage is your kind of shopping, you landed on the right page. Here you’ll find what you need to know about the best vintage shops in Brussels. Bring home some colored clothes, something strange, something fun, in one word, something…Vintage! Enjoy your stay at our colored hotel nearby avenue Louise.

Here’s a simple fact that clarifies our framework: Vintage Shopping is like treasure hunting. You might not find anything that fits perfectly, but you can be certain that you’ll find something special if you’re willing to put some time in. Read on to find out which are the best Vintage shops to visit…

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Our first stop is Burlesque, rue du Midi 64. Probably one of the oldest Vintage stores in town! It is small but perfectly formed store where you can find some extremely exciting gems.


Laurence B., the owner, is a one of a kind character. Scottish from origin -not that hard figuring out once you have spotted the picture of the Queen on the wall- has been travelling the world for 30 years before setting base in Brussels. He also owns a club in town. During his career he has been working also as Dj and record producer. This is undoubtedly why, If you are rock’n roll or pin up, this is where you are going to find what you need! A final disclosure: they have a great collection of boots, handbags and hats.


Gabriele Vintage

It’s pity to have to leave the Burlesque store this quickly, but it is already time for a second stop: Gabriele Vintage, rue des Chartreux 27. Here the website.


With its unique style, you’ll feel like you have walked onto a movie set. What an amazing shop. In such a welcoming and dreamy interior, Gabriele offers a superb collection of extraordinary clothing from women’s ball gowns, dresses, blouses and coats, to men’s shirts, jackets, raincoats and tailcoats. No detail is overlooked. To accompany these outfits, Gabriele has collected matching accessories and hand bags. You’ll find tiny pearl-encrusted evening bags intermingled with 1950’s snake-skin bags and brightly colored patent leather examples from the 1970s. You’ll also find an unique collection of jewellery and sandals.

The soul of this store is of course Gabriele. Gabriele Wolf, the owner, comes from Germany and originally arrived in Brussels as a costume designer… Her enthusiasm for vintage clothes led her to open this sprawling showroom. This was our second tip!


Ramon & Valy Vintage Shop

Third and last stop for today…The incredible Ramon & Valy Vintage Shop in Rue des Teinturiers 19. Guess which is the owners name?


This Spanish / Belgian couple, Ramon and Valy, are pioneers of the Brussels vintage scene. They own a very beautiful boutique with unique and beautiful vintage clothes. If you are searching for a very special dress then this is the place to go. Here you will not only find regular vintage clothes, if regular vintage clothing exists that is. Here you’ll find unique pieces by Chanel and Dior. Do not expect these pieces to come cheap, but be sure that you will find an extraordinary piece and get a chance to make a good deal.


I hope you’ll enjoy a great afternoon of shopping in the best Vintage stores in Brussels!